Úvod do filozofie od Petera Milicana

March 8, 2013 at 10:36 am

Kurz úvodu do filozofie od profesora filozofie Petera Milicana (University of Oxford) odprednášaný v roku 2009:

1.1: An Introduction to General Philosophy:

1.2: The Birth of Modern Philosophy:

1.3: From Aristotle to Galileo:

1.4: The Birth of the Early Modern Period: From Galileo to Descartes:

2.1: Recap of General Philosophy Lecture 1:

2.2: Introduction to Thomas Hobbes:

2.3: Robert Boyle’s Corpuscularian Theory:

2.4: Isaac Newton and Instrumentalism:

2.5: Introduction to John Locke:

2.6: George Berkeley and Idealism:

3.1: Introduction to David Hume:

3.2: David Hume: Concluding Remarks:

3.3: The Problem of Induction:

4.1: Scepticism of the External World:

4.2: Possible Answers to Scepticism of the External World:

4.3: Introduction to Cartesian Dualism:

4.4: Modern Responses to Dualism:

5.1: Introdution to Knowledge:

5.2: The Traditional Analysis of Knowledge:

5.3: Gettier and Other Complications:

5.4: Scepticism, Externalism and the Ethics of Belief:

6.1: Introduction to Primary and Secondary Qualities:

6.2: Problems with Resemblance:

6.3: Abstraction and Idealism:

6.4: Making Sense of Perception:

7.1: Free Will, Determinism and Choice:

7.2: Different Concepts of Freedom:

7.3: Hume on Liberty and Necessity:

7.4: Making Sense of Free Will and Moral Responsibility:

8.1: Introduction to Personal Identity:

8.2: John Locke on Personal Identity:

8.3: Problems for Locke’s View of Personal Identity:

8.4: Persons, Humans and Brains:

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